The Factors That Make A Best Solar Panel

The Factors That Make A Best Solar Panel

September 21, 2022

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for the best solar panels for your new solar energy system. We’ll examine the elements that contribute to excellent solar panels for homes and businesses.


Performance guarantees and product warranties are the two main types of warranties that solar panel manufacturers commonly provide.

The quantity of electricity a solar panel can generate falls significantly every year. It is referred to as deterioration. Manufacturers provide performance guarantees to make sure that their clients’ degradation rates never go below a predetermined threshold.

Customers are shielded from any manufacturing-related flaws in solar panels by a product warranty.

Warranty coverage for solar panels is crucial since it protects your investment. Throughout their lifespan, your panels will generate as promised, or the solar panel makers will become involved. A business that is prepared to stand behind its technology and craftsmanship probably produces a high-quality item.

Panel Pricing

Companies with high-efficiency panels and industry-leading warranties will cost more overall, though prices will vary depending on the model. Which choice gives the most value for you and your objectives should be determined with the assistance of your solar installation.

Pricing matters since the cost is the primary determinant of whether or not someone will go solar. You should also take into account the cost of installation and the other solar-related equipment, such as wiring, racking, and inverters.

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% of Panel Efficiency

The amount of energy that each solar panel can generate from the energy that it receives is measured by its efficiency. Though they will probably cost more, higher efficiency panels can generate more electricity per panel.

High-efficiency panels are a good choice if space is an issue for your system because they allow you to produce more electricity with fewer panels. You could be better off with less effective but more economical panels if cost is a factor for you.

Why is this significant? Because effective solar panels let you calculate how much energy your system will generate and how many panels you might need to install to get the output you want.

Panel Type & Size

The quantity of solar cells in a solar panel determines its size. 72-cell panels are longer than 60-cell options. 66-cell panels are also starting to be released by some manufacturers. The amount of electricity a panel can produce increases with its size. But it will also occupy more room.

The two main types of solar panels are usually monocrystalline and polycrystalline. This explains how the silicon crystals in solar cells are made. Monocrystalline materials tend to be more expensive, more efficient, and have a darker color. In general, polycrystalline is less effective, cheaper, and bluer.

Why this is significant: The cost and power production of your solar system will be influenced by these two variables. You should search for a solar company near you that sells the kind of panels you need.

Manufacturer Tier

There is a tiered structure that is comparatively well-known in the solar sector. It is based on the measure of a manufacturer’s bankability developed by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation. The qualities of a manufacturer’s solar panels are not accurately reflected by the criteria that grant a business tier 1 designation.

Why this matters: Tier 1 companies have a reputation for being financially secure and dependable, which is advantageous when it comes to upholding warranties. However, since it’s not a genuine indicator of solar panel quality, treat this information with caution.

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