Commercial Solar Panel Installation Step by Step

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Step by Step

September 2, 2022

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Step by Step: A solar energy system can be a wise financial decision for your company and a valuable addition to almost any commercial site. In addition to lowering your electricity expenses dramatically, you’ll also be showing a strong commitment to sustainability and joining the ranks of several highly successful companies that have done the same.

Solar Companies are here to guide you through the decision-making process, whether you’re already prepared to switch to solar or you’re just starting to consider it as a possibility.

Our commercial solar installation professionals have collaborated with a wide spectrum of business owners, acting as a trustworthy resource of knowledge and providing first-rate service at every turn. Above all else, we want the customers who purchase commercial solar from to be assured that they selected the best option for their company.

We’ve put together a helpful guide to commercial solar panel installation that outlines exactly what to anticipate from the initial consultation to the final set-up. Although our team customizes the process to meet the unique requirements of the customer, project, and site, there are usually some fundamental processes involved.

The Commercial Solar Installation Process

Let’s examine each step in more detail for commercial solar installation.

Evaluating the site

The location and property where the solar energy system will be put are our primary areas of attention. All commercial solar projects require this in order for us to create a thorough design and installation strategy, thus it is a requirement.

During the preliminary site assessment, the solar company will:

  • Examine pertinent legal documents to confirm that setting up a solar energy system on your land is permitted.
  • Choose the power grid connection method for your system.
  • Carry out geological and topographical surveys, shadow analyses, and structural evaluations.

In order to ensure that solar installers are positioning you for success, the site evaluation visit’s objective is to cover every single element that will affect the project. We will do our due diligence on your solar panel installation so you may have peace of mind that everything will proceed according to plan.

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Designing the solar energy system.

The solar team will begin engineering your system once they have gathered all of the required data, including specifics of your power requirements and specific objectives. Any conceptual or preliminary ideas are converted into formal plans and shared via design drawings. The purpose of design drawings is to show the location of the solar panels, their configuration, and the construction’s goals. Permit drawings will also be needed in order to get the necessary building permits. Finally, plans for your business solar project will be prepared in the form of construction drawings.

Constructing the solar panel system.

Depending on the size and complexity of the project, the timetable for completion can be anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks once work starts. You can anticipate receiving a project plan that is well-developed and a projected completion date. These facts will be very helpful if/when you need to modify your company’s operations. For instance, you might have to plan alternative parking for a short while or get ready for a quick, brief power outage.

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Commissioning the completed solar energy system

The last stage of your project is commissioning, which begins after construction is finished. Consider this your last obstacle to overcome and verify that your system is functioning properly. Your solar installers will check the system to ensure that every little detail has been taken care of as intended. We’ll make sure the system performs as it should and meets our performance standards.

The utility will authorize you to run your new system and connect to the neighborhood power grid during commissioning. The moment you start producing your own clean, sustainable energy, it’s time to rejoice!

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