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Rating 4.5/5

  • Sunrun
    • Flexible payment options
    • Daily system monitoring
    • Warranty with complete coverage

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Rating 4.4/5

  • ADT Solar
    • 25-year guarantee
    • Free consultation
    • Handles permitting
    • Provides roofing support

Best-in-class digital solutions that empower homeowners to design and manage their own solar system!


Rating 4.6/5

  • SunPower
    • Long warranty
    • Variety of financing solutions
    • Broad U.S. dealer network


Rating 4.8/5

  • Clean Energy Experts
    • Payment options that are versatile
    • Daily system inspection
    • Work and panel warranties are provided.

America’s Most Affordable Solar!


Rating 5.0/5

  • Smart Solar America
    • Lowest Price Guaranteed
    • 30 Year Warranty/Parts and Labor
    • Flexible Payment Options

Your Residential Solar Energy Company


Rating 4.0/5

  • Powur
    • $0 Out-of-Pocket Financing
    • 30 Year Warranty/Parts and Labor
    • National reputation for excellence

Go Beyond The Grid


Rating 4.0/5

  • Suntuity
    • No longer worry about intermittent power supply for incredibly remote homes.
    • Avoid increasing standby backup generator costs.
    • Reduction in time of use and demand costs.

We Help Solar Companies Grow


Rating 4.4/5

  • Strategic Solar Solutions
    • Innovative financing options
    • Exceptional service and customer satisfaction
    • Energy monitoring service available
    • Quickly growing service areas

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SunPower is a solar energy company. It offers residential solar and storage solutions to help you receive the maximum benefit of renewable solar energy. The company upgrades your home or business with some of the highest wattage solar panels available from any solar company.

Solar panels arrive on-site with factory-integrated microinverters that optimize solar production and allow for faster installation. Local SunPower solar dealers understand the building and permitting codes in your area and provide customized services.

Sun Smart America

Clean Energy Professionals

It's our job to save you some money. No other home energy provider in the Florida and other communities provides the variety of cost-saving options that we do. While other companies growing concentrate on one element of the energy use of a home, such as solar panel installation, we offer services to solve any aspect of the energy inefficiencies of your home. We are a team of qualified professionals who have grouped together to provide homeowners with real relief from high energy bills that other companies have promised but do not deliver.



Sunrun is a residential solar panel company that designs, installs, finances, monitors, maintains and insures its systems. It customizes home systems based on energy usage history, the customer’s design preferences and the roof space, using an automated site modeling tool that profiles roof characteristics like shading, pitch and sun exposure.

As of the time of publishing, in 19 of the 20 states where it sets up solar energy systems, Sunrun also offers its Brightbox battery service to new customers. Brightbox provides eight to 12 hours of backup electricity in case of an outage.

Sunrun provides a “bumper-to-bumper” warranty on all solar equipment, which features free repairs and replacement of equipment, including parts and labor. Sunrun monitors customers’ systems daily to make sure they're performing optimally and includes full insurance coverage that covers theft and damage.

Momentum Solar


Momentum Solar is an all-inclusive solar power system provider. It offers a variety of solar panel brands so customers can choose which best meets their needs. Momentum Solar will design a system for the house, take care of all permits and paperwork, then install and activate it.

The company offers a variety of financing options, including upfront cash payment, solar loans, solar leasing and power purchase agreements. A solar specialist can go over payment options as well as any tax incentives that may be available.

ADT Solar

ADT Solar

ADT Solar is a solar energy company that offers grid-tied solar panel system installation in 22 states. It can get your system up and running in several weeks. ADT Solar also installs Tesla Powerwall energy storage and solar batteries to provide power through the night and help you avoid electrical surge prices.

ADT Solar systems come with a 25-year labor guarantee, 25-year power production guarantee, 25-year panel module performance guarantee and 25-year Enphase microinverters guarantees. Brands include LG, Enphase, Outback Power and Unirac.

The company also has an in-house roofing division to address any concerns regarding roof damage and ensure the best practices for solar installation. In case of damage to your solar panels, ADT Solar can also help with removal and reinstallation.

ADT Solar provides 100% in-house repair and maintenance of its systems. If panels are damaged, customers are covered by the 25-year guarantee and will not pay for repairs.

Sun Smart America

Smart Solar America

Solar gives our customers control over ever-increasing energy costs and a way to take responsibility as stewards of planet earth during the short time we’re here. By reducing carbon emissions from harmful fossil fuels and gaining our energy independence, we leave the earth a better place for our children and our children’s children and save our hard-earned money in the process.


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