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Orlando Fowler | West Sacramento, California


“POWUR Energy installed a solar system at my home, and the installer did a phenomenal job. My experience with the Project Manager and the customer care team was terrific.”

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Luis Fernandez | Orlando, Florida


“Cole Pfautz is so devoted and so transparent, that the first time I talked to him I knew this is the guy I’m going to go with. He answered all of my questions, all of my concerns, and now he’s saving me $150 A MONTH on my electricity. It’s crazy to think that I was consistently paying $400 in Orlando.”

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Cory Kerns | Durango, Colorado


“A technology company out to solve the solar lead generation problem with digital tools, network marketing, education, and excitement 🙂 check out the podcast, my only complaint is that not enough people are involved yet, advisors, consultants, and especially awesome solar companies who are shortening their install seasons because they struggle with leads in-house.”