Should You Renew Your Home Warranty Coverage?

Should You Renew Your Home Warranty Coverage?

December 5, 2022

Should You Renew Your Home Warranty Coverage? : Your home warranty plan is a fixed-term home service contract. This signifies that your coverage has a limited window of availability before it becomes renewable.

Most of the time, your house warranty is renewable, regardless of the length of the term of your plan!

You can save money on the first year of your home warranty when you buy it as part of a real estate transaction. This is due to the fact that systems and appliances in homes that are undergoing a real estate transaction are frequently “vetted” to make sure they are in good working order before the home sale.

During the bargaining process, a real estate agent addresses any necessary repairs or replacements. Prior to the sale’s closing, house inspections are often advantageous for recently purchased properties as well.

Remember, if the covered system or appliance was installed and functional on the effective date of your plan, most carriers will provide servicing for it if it breaks down during the plan term.

Why should I renew my home warranty coverage?

Although it might be stressful, purchasing and owning a home can be thrilling. Home warranty providers can help you every year by lowering the stress and cost of home system and appliance failures.

Your insurer steps in to help when covered systems and appliances break down as a result of normal wear and usage, possibly saving you hundreds of dollars on covered repairs. Additionally, since they previously completed the task for you, you won’t need to waste time looking for a trustworthy contractor.

The majority of businesses have certified, insured, and licensed in-network service providers who bill fair and reasonable prices for parts and labor.

Your likelihood of needing to make a home warranty claim drastically increases as your appliances get older. Many homeowners discover that the peace of mind and cost protection provided by their house warranty coverage more than pays for itself.

Continue to be protected year after year by extending your priceless home warranty coverage.

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How do I renew my home warranty plan?

There are various ways to renew your home warranty coverage.

  • Return your renewal notice and payment by mail:

About 60 days before the end of your current plan term, the majority of businesses will send you one renewal notification, and another 30 days before the plan expires.

We must be paid before your home warranty plan expires in order to maintain protection for your appliances and home systems. A 30-day waiting time may apply to your plan if we receive payment after your home warranty coverage ends before coverage resumes.

Most businesses offer automatic renewal for your convenience, so you won’t have to worry about your house warranty coverage expiring. For continuous home warranty coverage, when you choose automatic renewal, they will keep charging the credit card on file until your plan expires. And to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises, we’ll let you know about it about 60 days beforehand.

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  • Renew online:

By far the most common method, renewing online is quick and straightforward. To speed up the procedure, even more, have your renewal code available. Most businesses will include the code on your renewal notice. You can renew your plan even if you don’t have the code on hand by entering your property address, phone number, or plan number.

  • Renew with a customer care partner:

Forgot to renew? You could be contacted by a customer service partner when your plan expires to inquire about renewing it. To extend your coverage past its expiration date, you can talk to one of their agents.

When you renew your home warranty plan, you have three credit card payment options to pick from 3 months, 12 months, or full payment. You consent to pay for an additional full year of priceless home warranty protection when you make your first monthly renewal payment.

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