Essential Tips for Protecting Home While on Vacation

Essential Tips for Protecting Home While on Vacation

January 25, 2024

Getting ready for a vacation is so much fun, right? But, hey, let’s not forget about keeping our home safe and sound. Following some basic tips for protecting home can really give you that sense of calm and make sure your place stays protected while you’re off having a great time.

Secure Doors and Windows:

Before your journey, check all doors and windows. Ensure they are locked, and consider deadbolt locks for added protection. Use metal rods to reinforce sliding doors.

Install Timers for Lights:

When your home is dark, it can attract burglars. Using timers on your lights can create the illusion that someone is home, deterring potential intruders. Program them to turn on and off at different times, and consider smart home technology for control.

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Notify Trusted Neighbors:

Inform your neighbors about your vacation plans to protect your home. Ask for their help in watching your property, collecting mail, and parking in your driveway. A lived-in appearance discourages intruders.

Suspend Mail and Newspaper Delivery:

A pile of mail and newspapers signals an empty house. Suspend these services or ask a neighbor to collect them. Consider redirecting your mail to a trusted friend’s address.

Utilize Home Security Systems:

Invest in a home security system and display signs prominently. Modern systems offer remote monitoring through smartphone apps.

Be Mindful on Social Media:

Avoid broadcasting vacation plans on social media. Save updates for after your return to maintain home security, this one of the best tip to protect home while on vacation.

Landscape Maintenance:

Overgrown lawns signal an unoccupied home. Arrange for lawn care or gardening services to maintain your property’s appearance.

Unplug Electronic Devices:

Save energy and minimize fire risks by unplugging electronic devices. Consider smart plugs for remote control.

Secure Valuables:

Keep valuables in a secure location. Consider using a safe that is fireproof and waterproof.

Set Up Remote Monitoring Cameras:

Install remote monitoring cameras around your home. This acts as a deterrent and a means to monitor your property when you’re not present.


Ensure home safety while on vacation through strategic planning and technology. Implement these tips for protecting home to enjoy your trip with confidence in your property’s protection.

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