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Andrea | Lusby, Maryland


“I live in a wooded area and wanted solar as the power goes out often in my neighborhood. It did not reject my home as a solar candidate but offered low-light panels. The day after the installation was completed our neighborhood lost power. It was really nice to still have lights, microwaves, etc.”

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Dr. Brown | Washington, District of Columbia


“Working with Clean Energy is a pleasure. I have had two positive experiences in installing my original system and upgrade. The team is thoughtful, informative, courteous, and responsive. The customer service and high-quality support extend throughout the entire process. I highly recommend transitioning to solar with renewable energy leading the way.”

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Karen | Washington, District of Columbia


“Clean Energy has made this process so easy. I highly recommend them. They even reached out to the HOA and submitted any necessary paperwork directly. Every staff member I have interacted with has also been kind and helpful. So glad we made the decision to get solar and glad we chose them. Our price after incentives and federal tax credit will be $15K!”