Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Cheap Solar Panels

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Cheap Solar Panels

October 7, 2022

Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Cheap Solar Panels: Cutting corners to save money in the near term does not make sense when it comes to solar. Choose your solar system’s parts, supplier, and installation wisely because it’s an investment that will pay off in the long run.

A solar energy system for your home is a vital modern tool to reduce your carbon footprint and electricity costs. When choosing a system, some solar purchasers seek to find additional ways to save money. By purchasing less expensive panels, they will believe they are saving money when, in fact, they are ultimately losing money. Cheaper panels may be significantly less robust, come with almost useless warranties, and have a ton of design defects that diminish solar production.

It’s crucial for anyone considering purchasing solar energy to be aware of the dangers of skimping on your solar system in order to save money upfront. A high-quality solar system will run for many years with nearly no production loss and no need for maintenance. Typical panel topics include:

Micro Cracks

Microcracks caused by careless handling or harsh shipment might result in permanent shorts in the panels and possibly set them on fire.

Hot Spots on the Panel

Poor-quality solar cells can build up heat and expand, which can lead to the glass of the panel expanding and shattering.

Delaminating Panels

Some panels from China that are sold under German-sounding brand names have water ingress and delamination issues that impair both short-term and long-term solar production.

Bad Warranties

The warranties on solar panels from questionable brands may not be upheld, especially if the original supplier goes out of business.

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Poor Quality Panels

Electroluminescence tests, which are conducted at the conclusion of the construction process, can detect cell breaks in defective panels. If the panels aren’t securely cabled and secured, they could also get damaged during shipping. Hot spots created by damaged panels greatly enhance the likelihood that a panel would catch fire.

Improper Installation

Your panels may suffer if your installer takes shortcuts or lacks expertise. Don’t let a faulty installation cause problems for your system, whether the cable entrances are improperly routed or the mounting screws don’t have silicone applied properly.

Make a wise purchase with your solar panels

By making a wise investment when choosing your system, all of these problems can be avoided, including micro-cracks, hot spots, poor warranties, and defective panels. You may be sure that your system will work by purchasing superior panels from trusted solar companies.

Every owner of a solar system ought to seek out panels that have a long lifespan, retain a high level of solar output, and come with a reliable guarantee that will enable them to be fixed if problems arise. When it comes to solar, it’s advisable to invest a bit more now in order to save much later.

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