Practical and Less Common Solar Energy Uses

Practical and Less Common Solar Energy Uses

October 25, 2022

Solar power has solidified itself as one of the best forms of renewable energy out of all those that are now available. The sun has the power to provide the planet’s energy requirements. Solar energy is not anticipated to run out anytime soon, in contrast to other energy sources like fossil fuels, which will ultimately benefit more people.

Many nations, especially those experiencing an energy crisis, are becoming more open to investing in solar power as knowledge of the growing climate change challenges increases. But there are more useful and inventive uses for solar power besides only supplying electricity to your homes.

Solar energy is useful for a wide range of everyday tasks. Solar panel investments are helping many businesses today make excellent use of them. Here are a few uses for solar energy that you might not be aware of:

Drive safely on roads powered by solar

Including solar panels in the building of roads is another way to utilize them. The panels can automatically light up at night to aid in improving visibility for moving vehicles. The power provided by the solar panels enables these roadways to remain free of ice and snow during the winter.

Passing drivers can benefit from solar-powered roadways by adding safety elements to expressways and open roads. If there is any extra electricity, it can be sent to a generator, which will produce more energy to light up buildings and residences.

Fly high with solar power

An aircraft outfitted with solar panels successfully completed a 25,000-mile journey around the globe in 2016. The aircraft was as heavy as a typical SUV yet had the wingspan of a conventional Boeing 747.

In comparison to conventional jet-fueled planes, harnessing solar power has become a substantially more affordable and adaptable method of flight. Future uses might potentially suggest a solution to the short lifespan of aviation satellites.

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Invest in solar glass

Any business can more easily generate renewable energy from sunshine using solar windows. When making energy, solar glass works similarly to solar panels, but it lets light through while shielding damaging UV radiation. Industries with larger structures or skyscrapers may benefit from more effective power generation.

By reflecting and absorbing the sun’s rays while also reducing glare, solar glass can also aid in lowering a room’s temperature.

Cool down your internal building temperature

Your solar panels can assist in cooling your building while also absorbing sunlight. The panels function as a physical barrier to reduce the amount of heat energy that is absorbed by the infrastructure’s roof. By adjusting the panels and reflecting light away from you, they can also assist you in chilling the areas around you.

Any building that uses solar panels on its roof might have its temperature reduced dramatically when combined with solar glass utilized in the windows. By using less electricity for air conditioning, especially during the summer, your building will be more energy efficient.

Stay warm with solar-powered fabrics

You can sew tiny, pliable solar filaments straight onto the fabric of your clothes to generate enough heat. This design is typical of clothing intended to keep you warm, such as coats, jumpers, and shirts.

Alternatively, producers might employ this material to aid in the heating of automobile seats. You may use it as a charger to power your phone and other equipment since it is a portable energy source. A plug for charging your gadget is strategically sewn into garments along with solar ribbons that are weaved into the fabric to gather and store energy.

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Generate solar energy at night

The University of California announced that it had created a brand-new solar panel type that could produce electricity at night. The infrared light produced by thermal gradients between the atmosphere and the solar cells is captured by this cutting-edge solar panel.

Even though it can only provide around 25% of the solar energy that daytime panels give, many sectors can nevertheless use the extra electricity produced. It might eventually turn into a durable method of reducing energy use at night.

It can be more advantageous to switch to solar energy sources like solar power because it reduces the need to import fossil fuels. It offers better answers to the ongoing energy dilemma and lessens the effects of global warming. It has also been a fantastic strategy for many nations to reduce energy costs while improving economic growth prospects.

While switching providers can be a big step for some, investing in solar can have greater long-term advantages. It will minimize operational costs while assisting your business in utilizing a renewable, environmentally beneficial energy source. Contact our team at JNA.Org to learn more about our products if you’re prepared to begin investing in solar panels for commercial use.

Go Solar & get smart energy

Go Solar & get smart energy

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