Easy Ways to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

Easy Ways to Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

August 17, 2022

Being constantly connected to the internet is crucial in a society dominated by technology. However, having a home that is constantly plugged in can significantly raise your energy costs. Here are our top suggestions for making your house more energy efficient.

Replace all Incandescent CFL Light Bulbs

Do you know how many light bulbs are used in a typical home? Energy bills for conventional bulbs can pile up quickly. Change to LED bulbs to benefit from extended bulb life and a lighter burden on your electric bill.

Always unplug chargers for unused devices

We’re all guilty of leaving the errant iPhone charger plugged in under the bed or behind the nightstand. The average device charger uses 0.26 watts of electricity when plugged in but not in use, which may not seem like much for such a tiny connector. One misplaced charger won’t empty your pocketbook, but several can add up to 10% of your household’s total energy cost!

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Make significant improvements to your home

A monthly power bill that makes you want to permanently live off the grid can result from adding extra energy costs to the already substantial costs associated with owning a property. A few higher-level improvements to your home can significantly lower your energy costs.

When warm or cool air escapes from your home through old, drafty windows, you have to run your heating and cooling systems more frequently, which costs a lot of money. You can cut your energy costs by up to 50% by replacing your old windows with newer, better-insulated models that have argon gas insulated between the window panes! Another excellent approach to lowering energy bills and raising the value of your property is to install solar panels. Making the switch to a greener energy source is both economical and efficient!

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Looking for other tips to reduce your electric bill? You might find a solution by switching to a solar power system. Contact us today for a free solar energy quote.

Go Solar & get smart energy

Go Solar & get smart energy

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