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Turtle Island Farm and Gardens | Perryville, Kentucky

“Not only are we happy with the solar array and intend to expand the system with this company in the near future, we have had an extremely positive experience with the entire staff. They had the expertise we were looking for, and each of them were conscientious, friendly, considerate and hard working. We would have no reservations recommending them to anyone who wants to install a solar system.”

John | Versailles, Kentucky

“I’ve had solar panels installed twice by this company. In a hardware sense, the only problems have been associated with the inverter(s). Everyone has been professional, polite and friendly throughout. I recommend this company. The only reason for a rating of 4 is because I’m still waiting for a service call on the second inverter. It seems they are so busy installing (which is a GOOD thing!) that they’re having trouble scheduling my service.”

Christina G.

“It went extremely well, though it took longer than expected, largely because of paperwork delays (solar energy incentive application, net metering application) and then weather when winter got serious.”