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In MIAMI there are many options available for internet service. Among these are Fiber-Optic, Satellite, Cable, and DSL.


Getting an internet subscription in MIAMI through your cable service is a simple and cost-effective way to get a high-speed internet connection . Cable internet uses the existing lines for your cable TV to provide fast, reliable service, meaning you can browse the web and watch your favorite TV shows at the same time, all over a single cable and through a single provider. Let’s break down how this internet service works and whether it’s right for you.


A fiber optic cable is made either of very fine glass or plastic. A single strand of optic fiber material is able to transmit around 25,000 calls simulateneously - this alone gives you an idea of how much traffic a full fiber optic cable can handle at the same time. This technology is definitely the fastest in MIAMI since it uses light based technology rather than wire cables or radio waves for information transmission.

Digital Subscriber Line

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. This technology allows users to connect to the internet by using their existing phone lines. While both DSL and Dial-up internet leverage existing telephone lines, DSL uses a frequency that allows calls and data to be transfered at the same time without interference allowing for users to both talk on their phone and use the internet.


Another option for internet service is satellite. In MIAMI , there are full coverage for this type of internet. Satellite internet operates via data transfer between a space satellite and a dish that is installed on the roof or balcony of your home.

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