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SimpliSafe Home Security

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SimpliSafe Home Security

Smaller. Faster. Stronger.

It's here. The all new SimpliSafe. At half the size and double the range, it's practically invisible. And at five times faster, fifty percent louder, and loaded with safeguards, it's the most powerful SimpliSafe ever.

Built for the unexpected

Real home security prepares for the worst. So we built backups. And backups for those backups.

Always on the job

Every home at some point faces danger. Our job is to snuff it out. Our 24/7 alarm monitoring is always there. Ready to alert police when your home needs help. Our industry leading monitoring service has won numerous awards. We’re proud of that.

Detects intruders, not pets

Alarms that cry wolf? No thanks. We precision-engineered our motion sensors to detect the unique heat signature of humans. Not pets.

Lights up when the sun's down

The all new touch-to-wake keypad. Lights up when you need to see it. Goes dark when you don’t. It doesn’t need to be plugged in, so you can put it anywhere you like.

Open window alerts

You’ve left a door or window open. We’ve got you covered. Leave with an entry sensor open, we’ll let you know and make it easy by telling which window.

  • SimpliSafe is an American home security company based in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • The company produces and sells self-installed wireless security systems that connect to a central monitoring center.
  • SimpliSafe was founded in 2006 by then-Harvard Business School students, Chad and Eleanor Laurans, after several friends in the Cambridge area experienced break-ins, but couldn't find a security company that was designed to help renters.
  • In 2015, SimpliSafe grew from 100 employees to about 250 employees, and was reported to have 300,000 customers.
  • On August 21, 2019, SimpliSafe announced the launch of its Smart Lock.
  • By February 2020, Simplisafe had 800 employees, and announced a second call center was opening in the Richmond, Virginia area, adding an additional 500 jobs.