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Solar for homes is more affordable and achievable than you may think. With solar tax credits, $0-down financing options, and rock-solid warranties, you can reduce your carbon footprint and increase your home’s value with residential solar power.

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ADT Solar offers battery backup options that store excess power and protect against power outages. Our solar battery backups harvests energy from your solar PV system or grid when it is the cheapest and uses energy from the battery when it is more expensive. Our batteries keep your home or business powered up when the grid is knocked out by unpredictable outages, blackouts, and natural disasters.

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ADT Solar uses Enphase MyEnlighten so system owners can track their energy production 24/7, monitor their system’s health, and share their data with family and friends, all from a simple, mobile-friendly interface. Download it at the App Store or Google Play Store.

12 Months Of Solar For $1*

Worried about rising energy costs, power outages and uncertainty? At ADT Solar (formerly Sunpro Solar), we understand the importance of protecting your family's future. That's why we're making it easier than ever to go solar through our Summer Solar Power Program. Get instant savings when you go solar by July 31st, equal to 12 free months of solar power for $1.

  • $0 Down Solar Options
  • 26% Federal Tax Credit
  • Access To The Best Local Financial Incentives
  • Certified Solar Battery Installer
  • Roof Replacement Available
  • Free Energy Efficiency Home Upgrade


Let’s start with the factors involved in worth. Adding a battery to your solar PV system will increase the initial cost; however, if it’s a smart investment in your home energy goals, solar battery storage can be worth the extra cost. And don’t forget incentives that can make the decision to add a solar battery a no-brainer.

The main reason solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall have grown in popularity is: energy independence. For those looking for complete peace of mind in outages, blackouts and natural disasters, the Tesla Powerwall is a necessary investment.

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